Become Part of the Top 1% in The Skincare Industry

Top Reasons to Enter The Skin Games

  • Build a case study to show clients and potential employers.
  • Learn from and network with peers
  • Educate the consumer on the results they’ll receive from professional services
  • Build relationships with the experts, educators, formulators, and manufacturers
  • Get more visibility online
  • Increase potential income

At The Skin Games, we build high-quality relationships between professional skincare brands, industry insiders and professionals.

It is time to take your business out of obscurity into the limelight.

This is the time to show the world what you are capable of and build a world-class case study to your name.

By entering The Skin Games, you are showing your current and prospective clients and contacts that you are committed to delivering the best results in the industry as you are now open to network and build lasting relationships with other industry trailblazer while showcasing your knowledge and passion for your craft.

Who Can Enter The Skin Games?

Licensed Skincare professionals can enter The Skin Games and demonstrate their expertise by selecting one or more categories.

Once categories have been selected, you have four to eight weeks to create a case study that you will enter in The Skin Games

Finalists will be shortlisted in each category

We have amazing closed groups on Facebook for you to network with other professionals, who can help you shed more light to your practice and your your entry in The Skin Games

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What are People Saying About The Skin Games?

Tamara Petrucci

Hyperpigmentation Runner-up at TSG2017

Nichelle Mosley

Age Management Winner at TSG2019

Melissa Bivelacque

Spa Decor Second Runner-up at TSG2019

Shannon Bagford

TSG2020 Player

Melissa Taillon

Compromised Skin Finalist at TSG2019

Shirley Avila

TSG2019 Spirit Awards Winner